Elin motors and industrial gear units

We are a polish representative of  ELIN MOTOREN,   motors dedicated for:  logo_elinzusatz_mf_cmyk_260413


Motors solutions for all power plant applications (pumps, fans, mills etc.) in the power range from 300 kW to 35 MW. For special applications,  water jacket cooled motors in the power range between 70 kW and 1 MW




Air and water cooled asynchronous motors with squirrel cage and slip ring rotors for marine, oil and gas applications.  Drive solutions from 200 kW up to 35 MW.

Motors manufactured according to Ex-n, Ex-e, Ex-p.

In addition in the offer  drives for high-performance equipment and machinery such as air separation plants, compressors and pumps.





( Cement, mining, steel construction, test drives, paper and pulp mills, chemical plants).

Motors from low voltage to medium voltage, surface-cooled air-to-air through to air-water cooled motors and IP68 submersible motors,  asynchronous motors with squirrel cage or slip ring rotors up to 35 MW in frame sizes from 355 to 1400 and voltages from 400 V up to 15 kV. Larger capacities on request.




The synchronous and asynchronous generators.

The synchronous generators are applied  for steam turbines, hydro turbines, gas turbines, as well as for gas and diesel engines. The 4-pole range extends from 3 to 50 MVA and the higher pole ranges from 1 to 30 MVA for voltages from 3.15 to 15 kV.


More on : http://www.elinmotoren.at/en/areas-of-expertise/

We supplement our offer with:

• Standard and industrial gears units ( helical gear units, helical-bevel gear units or helical-worm gear units,  right-angle gear units, stainless steel gear or servo gear  (planetary and helical bevel gears)

• Standard and adjustable gearmotors, made of stainless steel and ATEX explosion zone, and complete servo gearmotors with gears