Donaldson Ultrafilter filtration and Purification solutions

High performance filatration  systems by DONALDSON ULTRAFILTER

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Dryers ( refrigeration dryers, absorption dryers,  membrane dryares)

Industrial filtration  (for compressed air/ gases ), filetsr housing, filetrs components

Process filtraction ( gas and steam filetrs) , filtering elements, housing


– Filters elements, spares parts for others producers

– Control equiepment


Refrigeration drayers (efficiency 5-8750 m3/h)

Refrigeration dryers 0375-13600 (efficiency from 375 - 13600 m3/h)

The Buran Refrigeration Compressed Air Dryers DC 0020AB – DC 1650AX efficiency V=20-1650 m3/h)

Refrigeration Compressed Air Dryer for medium and big volume flows Boreas DV 3500AP- DV 28500WPT (efficiency 3500-28500 m3/h)


Aftercooler for compresses air and gases UFK-W Water -Cooled

Process Filtration

Filter elements

Water oil separators