Systems and equipment for the transport of bulk materials


We offer conveying, processing and storage systems for ashes and other materials, therein:

  • Pneumatic conveying system
  • Hydraulic conveying system
  • Mechanical conveying system

Pneumatic conveying system of bulk materials, which stands for movement of materials by the the use of closed channels (pipes) by means of an air stream.

Hydraulic conveying system, which means a dust-free movement of an ash and water mixture in a liquid stream, eg water, which at a sufficiently high water flow speed, lifts material’s lumps or grains (pressurised, used among other things to transfer coal from mines to power plants, at power plants to remove ash and slag ash, to transport minerals and in food industry, etc.)

Mechanical conveying system takes place by means of belt, chain and roller conveyors in order to transfer individual loads as well as materials in a loose state.


  • Conveyors
  • Crushers
  • Sliding gates, valves and valving
  • Fluidisation devices (flow support for all kinds of bulk materials)
  • Mechanical de-ashing devices (eg bottom ash removal)
  • Filters and separators
  • Crushing mills, mixers
  • Pipelines and valving
  • Bulk materials unloading devices
  • Tanks and silos

Silos unloading systems

The silos unloading systems have been designed in order to efficiently and economically store and unload ash.

In most cases the silos unloading system possesses the option to load ash in a wet or dry state onto trucks or railway wagons. Ususally, dry ash unloading is employed when the dry ash is sold and re-used. Otherwise the ash is wetted with water in an unloading mixer in order to minimise dusting during transportation.

Feeding of the dry material to the unloading mixer is controlled by an ash dosing system. The movement advancement extent is set during the first start-up to optimise material wetting , based on its’ physical and chemical properties. Both the unloading mixer and the ash dosing system operate automatically






We work with  companies responsible for the operation, repairs and investments in the areas of ash removal systems, desulfurization and slag removal systems.