Fog systems, Biothys industrial odor treatement

Fog systems, Biothys industrial odor treament

FOG SYSTEM is a high-pressure atomization system for  humidifying, cooling odour and dust control.

The product of high-pressure atomization is called “fog”. We must distinguish between the droplet size in fogging and in misting. Mist-particles are large enough to settle on the surface of machines and other objects. Fog droplets are small enough to stay airborne even if they do not evaporate. They will float in the air and will not settle out.



This characteristic of fog makes possible new and interesting methods of environmental control.




Function of the FOG System:

A small nozzle – an atomizer – creates the fog. The atomizer, which is about as big as the tip of the little finger, is embedded in a stainless steel adapter, which is welded onto a 12 mm stainless steel pipe. Before water reaches the nozzle orifice it goes through a series of filters. The clean water that comes through is put through a high-pressure pump with 50 bar, before it reaches the nozzle. When the filtered water finally reaches the nozzle office it is broken into droplets of about 10 microns I size. What is 1/10 of the diameter of a human hairs.

Placed on the high-pressure side of the pump is a high-pressure regulator with overflow to control the pressure between 40 and 50 bar. A high-pressure hose combines the pump with the stainless steel pipe as a flexible connection.

The SS-pipe 12 x 1 mm is connected with SS-coupling, SS-T and SS-angles 90° and services is a controlled  by either control panel, remote control or computer.

On the end of the feeding line are fog cannons, nozzle pipes, nozzle rings or clusters.




Low energy consumption in comparison with air pressure systems approx. 4 – 6 kW/h per unit for dust control.

Fog takes the static (electric load) out of the air, what keeps dust from staying floatable.

Fog creates a better working environment by cooling down heat through evaporation and protecting the mucous membranes on people from draying out when working in dust areas.


Humidification and Cooling

Special Effects

Dust Control

Odor Control

Frost protection


Odor Treatement –   Biothys technolgies ™  patented and applied all over the world.

BIOTHYS™ is specialized in developing and implementing sustainable solutions for odor treatment. Our competitive advantage is the result of 30 years of experience in this sector. This allows us to offer customized solutions for all sectors. BIOTHYS™ technologies are patented and used in many countries all over the world. BIOTHYS™ was again certified according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 norm for its management and qualtity systems as well as for its continuous improvement and sustainable operations


-BIOTHYS PETROCHEMISTRY ™  treats smells of refineries and oil storage, meeting explosion protection requirements (EX-areas)

-WASTE WATER BIOTHYS™ is an expert in all areas of waste water treatment, industrial and urban sites, canals etc.

-INDUSTRY – BIOTHYS™ as key partner for all industries neutralizes odour emissions from production and storage sites

-WASTE- BIOTHYS™ successfully treats waste deposit sites, waste storage, garbage bins, trucks and many more. Our solutions range from the treatment of small household waste bins to large waste disposal sites. Especially for municipalities we can offer a simple and comprehensive solution

-TRANSPORT- BIOTHYS™ offers perfect solutions for trains, airports, VIP lounges, buses, stations and many more